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Research Activities

HySA Catalysis is a strongly application driven research institute responsible for the development of fuel cell and fuel to hydrogen technologies. For both technologies, we focus on the early part of the value chain, namely materials, components and units. The activities range from fundamental research all the way to prototype development and as such covers development from technology readiness levels (TRL) 1 to 6. HySA Catalysis has distinct teams focusing on research (TRL 1-3) and technology development (TRL 4-6). Technologies which show promise mature into product development and commercialisation activities at HyPlat, the commercialisation arm of HySA Catalysis.

Fuel Cell

Fuel cell activities focus specifically on the development of advanced catalysts, electrode structures and membrane electrode assemblies for low temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell applications. Stack development is done for niche applications (e.g. aerospace, UAV, rural electrification) where there are specific technical customer targets.

Fuel to Hydrogen

Fuel to hydrogen activities focus on the development of advanced platinum group metal catalysts for the various stages of a fuel processor, high throughput catalyst experimentation, development of micro-channel based reactor modules and integration of various fuel processor stages into a stand-alone fuel processor. Fuels being considered include propane, LPG and methanol.