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Recent Publications


  • Leteba, Gerard M., David R. G. Mitchell, Pieter B. J. Levecque, Eric van Steen, and Candace I. Lang. "Topographical and Compositional Engineering of Core–Shell Ni@Pt Orr Electro-Catalysts." RSC Advances 10, no. 49 (2020): 29268-77.
  • Leteba, G. M., D. R. G. Mitchell, P. B. J. Levecque, L. Macheli, E. van Steen, and C. I. Lang. "High-Index Core-Shell Ni-Pt Nanoparticles as Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts." ACS Applied Nano Materials 3, no. 6 (Jun 26 2020): 5718-31.
  • Rajan, Z. S. H. S., T. Binninger, P. J. Kooyman, D. Susac, and R. Mohamed. "Organometallic Chemical Deposition of Crystalline Iridium Oxide Nanoparticles on Antimony-Doped Tin Oxide Support with High-Performance for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction." Catalysis Science & Technology 10, no. 12 (Jun 21 2020): 3938-48.
  • Jackson, C., G. T. Smith, N. Mpofu, J. M. S. Dawson, T. Khoza, C. September, S. M. Taylor, D. W. Inwood, A. S. Leach, D. Kramer, A. E. Russell, A. R. J. Kucernak, and P. B. J. Levecque. "A Quick and Versatile One Step Metal-Organic Chemical Deposition Method for Supported Pt and Pt-Alloy Catalysts." RSC Advances 10, no. 34 (May 26 2020): 19982-96.
  • Jackson, C., G. Smith, A. E. Russell, P. Levecque, and D. Kramer. "Electronic Metal-Support Interactions in Vacuum Vs. Electrolyte." Nat Commun 11, no. 1 (Mar 19 2020): 1470.